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Friendly, non-competitive groups and private sessions for all standards using different parts of the stunning forest and Pinetum each week for running-based fitness with qualified run leaders.



Laura and Corinne started running with an informal group in Bedgebury in 2016. After realising what an extraordinary environment the forest is for exercising in, they were inspired to undertake their run-leader training and start marketing official running groups to a wider audience. Bedgebury Forest Runners has grown gratifyingly from that point operating a number of groups each week for all standards. Our mission is to foster a love of exercising outdoors – a life-long habit with priceless benefits for your physical and mental wellbeing, and which has positive knock-on effects for our precious natural environment (a percentage of what you pay goes back into the conservation work that goes on in the Pinetum and forest).



Current Schedule



(suitable for those that can run a minimum of 3k on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, 5k on Fridays and on Tuesdays there is no fitness requirement)

Term starts again on Monday 13th September! We currently have three types of group as follows:

1. Running fitness entry level 3k (Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays). These are a combination of jogging, warm-ups, strength work, technique, running exercises and stretches. Like doing circuits, but in the woods.

2. Running fitness Slow Runners (Tuesdays). As per No. 1 but with no fitness requirement.

3. Straight forward runs (Fridays) into the forest. This does what it says on the tin, but with some warm-ups and stretches to minimise the risk of injury. Routes are varied each week, dogs (assuming they behave OK in groups) are welcome, and runs start at 5k at the beginning of term, and build up to 10k by the end of the term (terms are generally 10 or 12 weeks long)

Our meeting point is just through the double wooden gates towards the cafe, in the dip on the left.

Our timetable is as follows (places are limited so please contact us ASAP to reserve your place):

Mondays 9.15am - running fitness generally taken by Laura

Tuesdays 9.15am - running fitness Slow Runners generally taken by Corinne

Wednesdays 9.15am - running fitness generally with Laura and Corinne both coming along

Thursdays 9.15am - running fitness generally taken by Laura

Friday 9.15am - a simple run into the forest (a different route each time) starting from 5k at the beginning of term and building up to 10k by the end of term, dogs welcome, generally taken by Corinne

Membership for Group Sessions

We operate a termly (mirroring school terms) membership model whereby you sign up for the term (or remainder of the term if you don't join at the beginning) and are welcome to mix up which session you come to during the week (or interchange your membership with your partner - memberships are 'per household'). You do not need to come to the same one each week - you can switch them around according to what is convenient. Places are limited, so please let us know if you would like to join ASAP.

1 session per week - £84 for the full 12 week term (or pro-rated if you join part way through the term)

2 sessions per week - £150

3 session per week - £220

12 week term (or pro-rated if you join part way through the term)

We ask everyone to sign up for the term, however if you are new to BFR then we would like to invite you to do a free taster session first, before deciding whether to commit. 

If you have signed up for the term for 1 or 2 sessions per week, but would like to come to some additional ad hoc sessions, then you are very welcome and the charge will be £7 each time.

Please contact us for payment details (all payments to be made electronically), and let us know by email when you have made a payment.


If you would like one-on-one training, or to work in a group of up to four people, then we offer private sessions. In particular, you may like to undertake a course of 3 or 5 private sessions in order to prepare you for joining the groups if you are feeling a bit rusty. Or you may have a specific goal in mind (reaching a certain distance, time, getting to know new parts of the forest or just getting up a hill). The cost is £100 for three hour-long sessions for up to 4 people. Or £150 for 5 sessions. 

Please follow us on Instagram and/or Facebook for more updates.


Happily, running as a sport requires very little kit. Some decent trainers (they do not need to be specialist running trainers although you may like to go down that route in due course), a sports bra for ladies and a light-weight waterproof are all that is needed. Gloves and hats are a good idea in the winter. We run in pretty much any weather (except when the site is closed by Forestry England for safety reasons), and have extensive knowledge of where to keep you well sheltered when needed. In that we are running outdoors, in a forest and sometimes on grass, you might get a bit wet, your feet in particular, and there will be small amounts of mud (in winter most of the running is done on well-drained gravel paths). This only adds to the outdoor experience in our humble opinion, and should be embraced! Some dry socks, shoes and a top are a good idea for when we have have finished. 


We love them! However they can't be invited along to Monday - Thursday groups due to the nature of the exercises we are doing and use of the Pinetum (where dogs have to be on leads), but lots of people choose to get there a bit early to take their dogs for a spin before the main session starts (or after if you have the time and energy to stay on). They are welcome on the Friday runs into the forest assuming their behaviour is reasonable within a group of other dogs. 


A coffee from the cafe afterwards is heartily encouraged for those that want it (restricted to gathering in distanced groups of six outdoors and remember your mask).


This is in the main visitor car park for the Pinetum and forest and costs £3.50 if you leave before 11am. Alternatively you can sign up at the office for annual family membership for £72 at https://www.forestryengland.uk/bedgebury. NB you can now park in the car park after 5pm for £3.50 as well (rather than paying the full daily rate).


We look forward to hearing from you: bedgeburyforestrunners@gmail.com or see our Facebook and Instagram pages (Bedgebury Forest Runners).​


Hear What Others Have to Say

BFR has been an amazing find for me. I was struggling to find inspiration to run on my own in muddy fields and dark roads. This running group covers different aspects of running each week, hill work, longer distances, sprinting, etc. Never knowing exactly what to expect is a great motivation for me and means it never gets boring. It really doesn’t matter what level you are, you are essentially challenging yourself to work as hard as you can. The group is also incredibly welcoming and friendly. Laura and Corinne are encouraging and knowledgeable. To explore a different part of the stunning forest each week is an added bonus.

S Hutchins

Absolutely brilliant running group! Had to give up running due to an injury years ago, started running again a couple of years ago with BFR and haven't had an injury since then! Because it is always tailored to fit everyone’s own abilities and on soft ground, I am now running twice a week and loving it! 
Very friendly group, brilliant coaches/instructors, stunning surroundings!

J Widdowson

I was new to running when I joined the group and have benefitted from the knowledge of the instructors to help me improve my technique and my stamina. An added bonus is meeting like minded people in the beautiful surroundings of Bedgebury Forest.

K Harris

Carol and I would just like to say that your online sessions doing the running technique, strengthening, and HIIT are exactly what we want. Couple of years ago I had myself measured in a sport science lab to try and find out why I'm a slow runner. Turned out its nothing physiological but down to poor running efficiency ie. from my lung capacity, VO2Max etc. I should be able to run faster than I do. So, for me, your sessions are spot on and they are having an impact. I feel as though I'm running better and I've got back some flexibility. Carol has also sped up, particularly on the hills. We'd never have the discipline to do the routines ourselves and they form an important part of our week.

Thank you both

I Knight, June 2020



Bedgebury Pinetum, Goudhurst, Kent, UK TN17 2SJ

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