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Friendly, non-competitive groups for all standards using different parts of the stunning forest and pinetum each week for running-based fitness with qualified run leaders. Also delivering online strength, mobility and technique sessions to support your running.



Laura and Corinne started running with an informal group in Bedgebury in 2016. After realising what an extraordinary environment the forest is for exercising, and how little it is used, they were inspired to undertake their run-leader training and start marketing official running groups to a wider audience. Bedgebury Forest Runners has grown gratifyingly from that point operating a number of groups each week for all standards (starting with 0 – 5k courses). Our mission is to foster a love of exercising outdoors – a life-long habit with priceless benefits for your physical and mental wellbeing, and which has positive knock-on effects for our precious natural environment (a percentage of everything you pay goes back into the forest).



Current Schedule



We are delighted to be back delivering group sessions in the forest again as of Friday 15th July 2020.

We are also continuing to do our online strength, technique and mobility sessions which are aimed at supporting your running and minimising the likelihood of injury. And handily they save on travelling. 

During the summer holidays we are delivering the following timetable:​

Wednesday mornings at 8am - online session via Zoom (email us for details) for 35 mins

Friday mornings at 9.15am - 'rusty running and fitness' in the forest for an hour. Please note our new meeting place by the large stones half way down the cherry tree avenue (turn left at the top of the first hill rather than right towards the playgrounds and you will see us). Please also note the new Covid-19 related guidelines below (including letting us know that you are coming). 

We will return to more regular sessions (4 or 5 a week) as of the w/c 7th September. Please get in touch if you are interested in these. We cater for all standards.

​DOGS - We love them! However they can't currently be invited along to Friday sessions due to the nature of the exercises we are doing and use of the Pinetum (where dogs have to be on leads) lots of people choose to get there a bit early to take their dogs for a spin before the main session starts (or after if you have the time to stay on). 

COFFEE - A coffee from the exceedingly welcoming cafe afterwards is optional (but heartily encouraged).

COST/PAYMENT - Online sessions are £5 ad hoc, and Friday sessions are £6.50 ad hoc. Online payments only.


We look forward to hearing from you: or see our Facebook and Instagram pages (Bedgebury Forest Runners).

Parking (in the main visitor car park for the pinetum and forest) costs £3 if you leave before 11am or you can sign up at the office for annual family membership for £72.

Covid-19 related guidelines:

1. We need to know that you are coming - please email us in advance and we will let you know if you have got a place (groups restricted to 6 pax). 

2. Payments to be made online only.

3. To avoid any potential crowds we are going to meet half way down the cherry tree avenue, on the right as you go down it, where there are some large stones bunched together.

4. We need to maintain social distancing of 1m from each other at all times, please respect this.

5. Avoid touching gates etc. as much as possible and sanitize your hands before and after sessions.

6. We will avoid crowded playground areas.

7. Please ensure that you don't come if you have any symptoms of Covid-19.



Hear What Others Have to Say

BFR has been an amazing find for me. I was struggling to find inspiration to run on my own in muddy fields and dark roads. This running group covers different aspects of running each week, hill work, longer distances, sprinting, etc. Never knowing exactly what to expect is a great motivation for me and means it never gets boring. It really doesn’t matter what level you are, you are essentially challenging yourself to work as hard as you can. The group is also incredibly welcoming and friendly. Laura and Corinne are encouraging and knowledgeable. To explore a different part of the stunning forest each week is an added bonus.

S Hutchins

Absolutely brilliant running group! Had to give up running due to an injury years ago, started running again a couple of years ago with BFR and haven't had an injury since then! Because it is always tailored to fit everyone’s own abilities and on soft ground, I am now running twice a week and loving it! 
Very friendly group, brilliant coaches/instructors, stunning surroundings!

J Widdowson

I was new to running when I joined the group and have benefitted from the knowledge of the instructors to help me improve my technique and my stamina. An added bonus is meeting like minded people in the beautiful surroundings of Bedgebury Forest.

K Harris

Carol and I would just like to say that your online sessions doing the running technique, strengthening, and HIIT are exactly what we want. Couple of years ago I had myself measured in a sport science lab to try and find out why I'm a slow runner. Turned out its nothing physiological but down to poor running efficiency ie. from my lung capacity, VO2Max etc. I should be able to run faster than I do. So, for me, your sessions are spot on and they are having an impact. I feel as though I'm running better and I've got back some flexibility. Carol has also sped up, particularly on the hills. We'd never have the discipline to do the routines ourselves and they form an important part of our week.

Thank you both

I Knight, June 2020



Bedgebury Pinetum, Goudhurst, Kent, UK TN17 2SJ


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